The View UpStairs


The View UpStairs was a off-broadway musical. Inspired by a nearly forgotten attack on the LGBTQIA community in 1973, the story focussed on community and safe spaces. The main character of the story is a young gay man from 2017, forced to reflect on the evolution of LGBTQIA rights and the forgotten stories and figures of the past. 

To capture the complex story, I used the concept of how memories and impressions are carried in our minds. To achieve this, I layered key elements, moments and figures of the story on the main characters head. The palette and application of colors were chosen to marry the 1970’s and 2017 aesthetics featured in the show.

This poster design was given an exclusive release by Playbill.com and was featured as a silver award winner in the Gaphis 2018 Poster Annual.

Date: April 17, 2017